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Date : 20-05-2015

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Innovative SUU program will cut time, money spent on general education

Southern Utah University is going to execute its jumpstart program this fall. This program will cut the total time taken by incoming freshmen to complete their general education. It is going to reduce it into one year which generally takes two years.

The Southern Utah University (SUU) is a reputed university which is located in Cedar City, Utah, United State. It has been a prestigious university since the time of its endowment in 1898. It annually graduates approximately 1700 students with it graduate and baccalaureate degree programs from the six colleges that run under the university. It offers more than eighty five UG programs as well as eight graduate programs. More than 8,000 students are there in SUU.

The Draper local selected not long after secondary school, but rather the "cookie-cutter" mold of general education courses wasn't working for him, Lowry said, and wellbeing issues tipped the scale, inciting him to stop early and lose the credits he had worked and paid for.

Adding to his reasons not to re-enlist, the feature creation business he began continued offering the guarantee of quick payback.

Until now he had given school a reasonable shot, and there was no motivation for him to go back.

Not just could the project trim up a year of classes and educational cost for understudies, yet college pioneers trust it will make an incorporated school requirements in one year which generally took two years. It would motivate the students towards degree completion.

It's sufficient to tip the scale again for Lowry. According to him, “To be honest, I really couldn't believe it at first because I think general education is something that kind of leaves a sour taste in some people's mouths when they think about going to college and doing a bunch of classes they feel they're never going to use," he said. "But to hear that I could get everything I needed and get it done in a year, I couldn't believe it. It sounded so cool.”

This is a different approach of learning for bottleneck enrollment in college. Large classes are being taught by the graduate students or the random faculties and after that there is no teacher-student interaction outside the classroom.

As per the words given by John Taylor (A faculty Fellow of SUU), “This is not the trend that we want at SUU, especially with these incoming freshmen.” Further he concluded, “We want them to make a connection to higher education, to our institution, to where they see the value of their education and they want to stay.”

We can hope that this innovative program of SUU is going to be a success for sure because it is going to shave off the basic problems that obstruct the process of degree completion.