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Date : 20-05-2015

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Portsmouth teen earns dual high school, college degrees

Johnessa Richard (Portsmouth Teen) has been graduated from Tidewater Community College this month with an associate of science and general studies degree. What's more, one month from now she'll get the degree of graduation from Norcom High School.

The 17-year-old started taking classes at TCC when she was 14 and continued going while attending high school. She's the first individual to get double degrees while selected in collaboration between the college and the city school. Also, she'll be the most youthful individual to get a certificate from TCC this spring.

Johnessa Richard has expressed her feelings by telling that she is excited and happy. According to her mother Rosa Richard, it was not planned at all. She said, “We had not even thought about a degree, just maybe taking general studies classes to get ahead for a four-year college”. Johnessa herself said that she did not know about the college but she knew that it was important.

She has been awarded by Governor's Medallion from TCC for the dual-diploma distinction recently.

The math tutor at Waters Middle School discovered that a companion's daughter was taking some school classes and thought it may be a solid match for her girl, who loves concentrating on and being at school.

At the point when Johnessa took the position tests at TCC, she "fundamentally tried out of all the math classes and English. We just went on and needed classes from that point."

It didn't take long for her little girl to admire the opportunities of school life.

"She said, 'Mother, individuals get up and leave class!'" Richard said. "I said, 'Yes, you don't need to ask consent in school.'"

Johnessa loved the differences of the understudy body and the chance to act naturally. She's not the sort of adolescent who needs to have the most recent styles or take after the group. Furthermore, on grounds, she could be mistaken for a grown-up.

Johnessa said, "They didn't know I was a high-schooler”.

Johnessa additionally delighted in getting together with a few classmates she had not seen subsequent to primary school who likewise were a piece of TCC's First College Program. Most understudies join in the second semester of their senior year in secondary school. It permits them to get school credits early, which implies they'll pay less for a four-year degree.

Additionally she has expressed her delight and concluded, “It made me grow up, like, a little bit more”.