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Date : 20-05-2015

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The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship

The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship is a type of college scholarship which is provided to the graduates of Kalamazoo Public School (KPS). KPS is a mid-sized urban school which is located in Michigan. It is supported by anonymous donors who promise to pay college fee (up to 100%) for KPS graduates. The graduates are required to attend public college or university in Michigan. The Scholarship starts at 65 percent of college fee for understudies who get admitted into KPS in 9th grade and stay until graduation, and increment of 100 percent for understudies who have gone since kindergarten. The grant is not restricted to understudies with solid academic records. Students should just get into school and keep up a 2.0  GPA. Reported in 2005, the Kalamazoo Promise is bizarre among grant projects in its comprehensiveness and liberality.

Kalamazoo Public Schools have gone through declining enlistment for a long time. This shows, to some degree, the humble pace of economic development in Michigan and Kalamazoo. It additionally mirrors the Kalamazoo district area in a middle city that has more financial issues than the encompassing metropolitan range. As per studies, family poverty rates of the year 2000 were 13.6 percent in the city of Kalamazoo and 6.5 percent in all of Kalamazoo County.

The Kalamazoo school region verifiably had some economically weak students and students from various ethnic foundations. Since the coming of the Kalamazoo Promise, KPS enlistment has been on the ascent. Besides, enlistment has climbed proportionately for every single ethnic gathering, so the ethnic rates have settled. Past studies demonstrate that these examples mirror a substantial one-time increment in the quantity of students entering KPS.

Past exploration recommends that the Promise has actually expanded enthusiasm among qualified KPS graduates in selecting at Michigan's lead schools.