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Date : 21-05-2015

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IIM Trichy – A Place to Learn and Grow

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) has always been a dream place to get managerial education in India. IIM Tiruchirapalli is one of the members of prestigious family of IIMs. It was established in the year 2011 by Ministry of HRD and Telecommunication, Govt. of India. Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is the mentor of the institute and adds academic excellence to it. It is one of the best institutes of India to get management education. The students of IIM Trichy also get an advantage of IIM brand as a hallmark on their degree which helps them to get best paying jobs across India as well as abroad too.

The institute has various collaborations with international universities which makes it a global platform of learning. The institute has student exchange programs in association to these global universities.

The institute runs with the mission of making a situation, which empowers students having differing foundations, to accomplish brilliance in the field of their choice, thru comprehensive, practical and applicable training. An instructive procedure that advances morals, discriminate request, imparts imagination & creativity, underscores interdisciplinary approach and establishes framework for deep rooted learning.

The institute is a perfect platform which offers all the resources and opportunities for its students to enhance their hard as well as soft skills and transform themselves into knowledgeable and skilled business leaders which are capable to lead the present business scenario and design future of the business.

IIM Trichy imparts educational efforts to create world class professionals and teach them the ethical values of social as well as professional environment.

Shri M. Damodaran, chairman of IIM Trichy has given following message for his pupils, “We are all aware that the world is passing through challenging times. Economies that were once considered to be the flag-bearers of growth and development are struggling to stay afloat. Countries that were for long considered emerging economies are experiencing growth rates indicative of a gradual but certain shift in economic strength.India's consistently high growth rate over the last few years holds out the promise of an increasing contribution to the global economy. This decade is clearly India's window of opportunity. One of our major challenges is to equip young Indians with the skillsets and the confidence to assume positions of leadership within and outside the country. The newly established Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli (IIMT) is a part of the nation's effort to unleash the potential of its youth on the world stage.”