BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 12-06-2015

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5 Reasons To Opt BBA/BBS Program

The age of economic evolution of India has set up a new trend for the educational sector. The market is now in search for the candidates having sound business knowledge and are capable of expedite between the senior management team and the operation team. Such candidates get the chance to work into senior management roles.

The above mentioned fact has encouraged BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)/ BBS (Bachelor of Business Science) to become one of the most preferred undergraduate programs.

Both of the programs, BBA & BBS deals with the core functionalities of business like finance, strategy & decision. The program mainly focuses on development of managerial skills as well as collaborative working skill and communication skills. The core of these programs include organization behavior, basic management skills, business strategy, market trends and competition, financial accounting, legal regulatory framework, entrepreneurship development, international finance and marketing, capital management, eCommerce, communication, etc.

Large community of students opt BBA/BBS degree as their undergraduate program due to following five reasons:

  • Economic Liberalization: The current growth of Indian market is at top speed and this fast growth of market has increased the demand of business professionals who possess the qualities to fit into the modern business scenario. The organizations require the professionals having sound knowledge of business & operations.
  • Exposure: The students of BBA/BBS get the chance to work with sales, marketing, and operation teams and hence get good exposure to the market and get the best opportunities to show and utilize their business skills.
  • Growth: The highly skilled and hardworking candidates of BBA/BBS get best chances to grow. The emerging Indian Industrial scenario has all the opportunities for the candidates having good entrepreneurship skills.
  • Handsome Package: Pay scale is one of the most important factors of every job. The candidates having BBA/BBS degree from a good college/university can get highly paid jobs. They get salary packages of 4 lakhs PA onwards. The salary depends on city, industry as well as experience of the candidate in business.
  • Post Graduate Programs: The students of BBA/BBS get excellent foundation to pursue highly professional post graduate program of MBA (Master of Business Administration). The students get excellent career hike after earning the degree of MBA. The duration of BBA is 4 years whereas the duration of MBA is 2 years. Normal duration of pursuing these two programs is 6 years but several institutes across the country such as IIM, Indore offer integrated BBA+MBA program having the duration of 5 years.