BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-06-2015

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85 colleges under Gujarat University got De-Affiliated

In the scenario of a newly formed academic identity known as Central Gujarat University (CGU), an estimate of 85 colleges which were under the affiliation of Gujarat University (GU) got de-affiliated and has been managed under the unison of the newly formed Central Gujarat University.

The newly formed university will lay its headquarters in Godhra, and has covered the rurals of Panchmahals, Mahisagar, Dahod and Vadodara. So, accordingly, the first year students currently enrolled will have their curriculum and paperwork shifted under this new university, and those already pursuing their education will finish their curriculum under Gujarat University itself.

Earlier, GU handled over 350 colleges, which was taking a toll as it was very complicated and difficult to manage all of them. Currently after de-affiliation, total  number of colleges has been reduced to 100. This will provide a better interface and will make it easier for GU & CGU to work independently.

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