BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 26-06-2015

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Delhi budget: New chapter in education

AAP government held on to his words for setting aside 24% (Rs. 4,570 crores) of the total plan disbursement, for educational purposes. With last year’s plan expense of Rs. 2,219 crores, this year the academic resources has grabbed onto the biggest chunk in Delhi itself. New schools and institutes are in line to be constructed and inaugurated, and a new-found university will be set up to administer and provide a certain push.

Manish Sisodia, Finance and Education Minister, quoted,” Perhaps for the first time in the country, a government is increasing its education budget by 106%.” He proposed his initiative of incepting 236 new schools and appointing 20,000 regular teachers, which was greatly approved. Overall 83 buildings are about to be completed, and of all the 236 schools, 166 will provide double shifts, another 70 existing single-shift ones will be converted to double-shift.

The Directorate of Education, the sole body primarily responsible for managing and directing the academic schools, has been provided with Rs.3, 458 crores for this beneficiary step. Yet, Sharma and Rama Kant Rai, members of National Coalition for Education, cautions that there is no transparency over money distribution, and there are doubts arising whether to if the School Management Committees (SMCs, comprising parents, social workers and school staff) will be provided with funds for 'school growth plans' or for the construction of the government's teacher training institutes.