BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 30-06-2015

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Delhi University cutoffs in 2nd list fall by up to 4%

Conveying a breath of fresh air to Delhi University admission process, the second cutoff rundown saw a plunge in the scope of 0.25-4% points in correlation to the first cutoff. Larger part of the schools is open for admissions from today. The dunk in the cutoff will help hopefuls in all streams to get admissions in schools of their decision. Larger part of the universities had high cutoff in the first list which was over 95% or more. Schools which have not possessed the capacity to fill general classified seats for 1st cutoff have cut the cutoff by 0.5% to .75%.

While greater part of the science courses are open for admissions in the second cutoff, the courses which are shut in this rundown are History, Political Science, Sociology and Geography. Physical science, one of the mainstream science courses, is still open in six campus colleges and in more than twelve others. At Gargi, Physics is open at 95%, while at 96% it is open in Ramjas, Miranda House and Sri Venkateswara.

Similarly, several many courses have experienced a drop in the percentage, hence providing another chance to the candidates to run for their hopes and academic scenarios.