BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 03-07-2015

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Maharashtra derecognizes madrasa education

Education provided by Madrassa shall be derecognized in the state of Maharashtra as has been decided by the BJP government ruling Maharashtra. Madrassa only educates students on religion; no formal education is imparted - like teaching English, Mathematics and Science subjects.

The state government will classify the registered madrassa not teaching primary subjects as “non-schools” and the children studying in them shall be considered “out of school” students.

"Madrassa are giving students education on religion and not giving them formal education. Our Constitution says every child has the right to take formal education, which madrassa do not provide," said Eknath Khadse (State minorities affairs minister).

Khadse further said, "If a Hindu or Christian child wants to study in a madrasa, they will not be allowed to study there. Thus, madrasa is not a school but a source of religious education. Thus we have asked them to teach students other subjects as well. Otherwise these madrassa will be considered as non- schools." 

A survey of the students that are not taking formal education has been planned by the school education department on 4 July. "Students who are studying in madrassa that do not provide formal education will be treated as out of school students. Our only aim behind doing this is to ensure that every child of the minority community gets a chance to learn and come into the mainstream, get good paying jobs and have a prosperous future," said Khadse.

550 madrassa out of the registered 1,890 registered madrassa in the state have agreed to teach the four subjects to the students.

"We are even ready to pay madrassa for giving students formal education and are ready to provide them teaching staff as well," Khadse said.