BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 03-07-2015

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JEE advanced likely to get a written section too

Applying for any IIT might become a difficult task from the upcoming 2017 session. According to the recent update, the IIT Joint Admission Committee is considering of adding an additional component after the Mains and Advance tests, basically a written section.

This new layer will reversibly add a constitutional coating of complexity and might raise the standards and filter the results to an extreme level. With an overly-hyped examination, where every singular point counts, this new addition might prove intricate. The board aims at allowing the students to focus more on their core subject and gain an actual grasp of their primary genre, hence improving the standards and quality of the education and students as well.

A senior IIT Professor quoted, "Candidates sometimes use the method of elimination to choose an answer. We want to minimize that. The best way to do this is to make candidates write the answer rather than tick a box.” The basic concept, MCQs, are the most common way of analyzing the intellectual, conceptual and applicable skills, but a written section will allow the candidates to thoroughly go through the subject and understand the concept and arrangement of the topics.

A source told,” We are trying to develop a machine-readable answer script. We need to make some changes in the computer programming so that it can read the near possible answers and accordingly evaluate the answer scripts.” Not all answer sheets will be taken for evaluation. Only those candidates who have surpassed a certain score limit in the IIT-JEE (Advance) will be considered for evaluation on written grounds.