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Date : 09-07-2015

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Computer science and electrical engineering stay top choices in IIT

In the first-ever joint seat allocation process held this year, almost 25,000 students who filled their choices for 10,006 IIT seats gave preference to computer science and engineering (CSE). A total of 2.07 lakh applications were received for 990 computer science seats in 18 IITs, which brings an average of 209 contenders for every seat.

Electrical and mechanical engineering are the second-most and the third-most preferred programs respectively, which is as per the data released by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority after the first round. Civil engineering stands to be the fourth. Educationists say that CSE and Electrical engineering have been the most preferred choices among students for at least a decade.

2.06 lakh students have applied for mechanical engineering, but since there are 1,172 seats available for it, the average competition for mechanical engineering stands at 172 candidates for each seat. 970 seats are available for civil engineering and about 1.48 lakh candidates have applied for it, which takes the competition to 153 candidates per seat.

Mechanical engineering shall remain a classic choice among students because of the endless opportunities in the field. As  a lot of infrastructure projects coming up, professors claim that civil engineering may emerge as an upcoming trend.      


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    Raja T asks

    what are the courses are available related computer science ?