BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 11-07-2015

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JEE (Advanced) may have subjective paper

The idea of introducing subjective questions in sections of JEE (Advanced) paper is becoming a hot topic of speculation and the Joint Admission Board (JAB) of IITs may bring the idea into practice in the entrance exam to be conducted in the year 2017.

The Idea Behind it:

The notion behind introducing subjective questions is to ascertain student‘s understanding of the subject and to bring down the level of guess work.

Judging students’ understanding of the subject through MCQs is difficult as most of them arrive at an answer by eliminating all the wrong ones. Such students are not usually strong with the concepts.

The introduction of subjective type questions will lead to changes in the evaluation process of premier institutes. With such a change, the evaluation of the papers will have to be done manually and evaluating almost 1.5 lakh answer sheets will be time consuming. This will further affect the timely declaration of the results.

The Director of IIT-Bombay, Devand Khakhar said that nothing has been finalized yet. A meeting will be held in the month of August.