BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 16-07-2015

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IIT-Roorkee states 2 of 73 expelled students as 'weak'

IITs are said to be one of the most reputed technical institutions present in India, accessing some grueling admission processes and frameworks. Accordingly, total of 73 students were expelled from the IIT-Roorkee campus on low performance grounds, and out of them, two students were said to be weak amongst others to stay a put with IIT careers.

Those two students hailed form the preparatory course, which is an annual special coaching program providing classes and sessions in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry conducted for reserved category candidates.

IITs majorly decreases their qualifying scores in order to provide admission chances for these candidates, and not more than 10 students are admitted yearly. As there is no discrimination or categorical differentiation made by the officials, but reports claim that mostly hailed form the Scheduled Tribes.

IIT-Roorkee Director Pradipta Banerji quoted, "There is no caste-based distinction made once these students enter the campus. There are students from all departments who did not score the minimum marks and they had to be asked to leave.”

This recent hype with the elimination has brought the main issue ever faced by the freshers. On one side, there are students from a totally different culture and background, with language barriers accommodation issues and speeding academics which sometimes get difficult to cope up with. On the other, administration cannot bend their rules every time.