BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 23-07-2015

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IIT-K: Students asked to Sign Anti-Ragging Undertaking

With rigorous efforts of imparting the essence of confidence in the Fresher joining Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur for the new batch of Undergraduate course, the administrative faculty has taken an initiative and launched anti-ragging boards all around the campus carrying and promoting the message in bold letters,” RAGGING IS PROHIBITED.”

The display boards consists several important phone numbers of important and significant people such as Dean of Student Affairs, Head, Counseling Service, President, Students Gymkhana, Chairperson, Students Senate and Security Office. Helpline numbers are provided to the students just in case of any emergency arise.

According to the news, students will have to sign an undertaking authorized by their parents, as per the rules and regulations guided by the Supreme Court. Some teachers were quoted saying, "Now when the new students will come, the old students from II and III year will befriend them and help them in all the possible ways. This relationship becomes so cemented that even after passing out from the institute, the juniors and seniors stay in contact.”

This undertaking will actually allow the students to follow the anti-ragging petition till they study in IIT. The institute is making sure that no such case comes up in the present as well as in future also. If any student is caught following the opposite path, he/she will have to face disciplinary action/legal measures, which also covers Expulsion from the institute itself.