BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 07-08-2015

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GD round discarded from IIM-Lucknow's admission process

The decision to drop the group discussion (GD) round from the admission procedure of IIM-Lucknow for the academic year 2016-18 has been made by the institute. The group discussion process has already been discarded from the admission procedures of 11IIMs.

Ashutosh Sinha, Chairman, Admission, said that the faculty required more time during the interview to assess the candidates in a better way. The faculty will now be able to utilize the time spend for group discussions for the interview.

Up until now, the personal interview used to carry 30 marks and written ability test as well as personal interview used to carry 10 marks each. The discarding of group discussion out of the admission process form the upcoming academic sessions will increase the weightage for the personal interview by 10 marks.   

This measure has been taken also because many a times it has happened that candidates with strong managerial abilities do not get a chance to speak and are mostly overtaken by more aggressive candidates. Such situations make it difficult for moderators as well as participants.

IIM Ahmedabad was the first among the IIMs to break away from the tradition. In 2008, it replaced GD with short essays. It was then followed by IIM Bangalore in 2010 and six other IIMs in 2011.