BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 11-08-2015

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Super 30 student Kunal Kumar wins the call from University of Tokyo

As the success of Super 30 is emerging rapidly, it is collecting more and more trophies into its account. With the world-wide acclaim, another student named Kunal Kumar has brought laurels to the institute, Anand Kumar and country.

Kunal, coming out of the unprivileged background and making a remark for himself, has been chosen by University of Tokyo to offer quality academic premises and educational sessions.

One of the well-wishers from Super 30 stated that Kunal’s parents got the call from the University of Tokyo, giving them good news about their child being selected. Previously, Abhishek Gupta, another member of Super 30, was also selected for the same delight.

Emotionally overwhelmed Kunal said, "Till four years ago, I was struggling even for proper education, even though I had high dreams. It was sheer luck that I was routed to mathematician Anand Kumar's Super 30 through a friend of his and that changed my life.” This news was met with an enthusiastic approach, and Kunal was congratulated by everyone, with every kind of sweets stuffed into his mouth.

The man who made this possible, Anand Kumar, the leading captain of Super 30, quoted, "It is good that Kunal Kumar has got the opportunity. International exposure in a technologically advanced nation like Japan will help him a lot.” Anand Kumar knows the value of this opportunity, as he himself lost a chance for overseas education due to lack of funds and financial assistance.