BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 11-08-2015

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LSE’s Global Programme on Experiential Entrepreneurship and Innovation commenced on 10th August

With a much marveled step towards development and academic prosperity, LSE (Lemon School of Entrepreneurship), Nagpur, is proposing its foremost experiential entrepreneurship programme in India – Global Programme on Experiential Entrepreneurship. The program took its flight on August 10, at Nagpur campus.

Underneath the Global Program on Experiential Entrepreneurship and Innovation (GP- E2I), around 60 courses are being offered, and with a total of 120 credits, it becomes mandatory for the candidates to become eligible in order to attain the GP-E2I (Global Programme on Experiential Entrepreneurship and Innovation) certificate.

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, Nagpur organized the screenings of a total of 3000 students along with 1000 enquiries in order to narrow down a bunch of 20 participants for the GP-E21 programme.

GP-E21 programme certain aspects and background coverings for subjects such as Business Finance and Legal, Self and Psychology, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Innovation, Experiential Learning, People and Processes, Social Entrepreneurship, Technology, Outbound and Holistic Learning, Global Exposure and Behavioral Science.

Being a full-time course with duration of 9 months, the productive programs are being hailed form Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore and ACTON School of Business, USA.