BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 12-08-2015

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Year-long Heritage India Quiz initiated by CBSE

With the aim of making students aware of the monuments, CBSE has started an initiative called the ‘Heritage India Quiz’ (HIQ). This is a year-long contest which has been initiated as a continuation of the ‘adapt a monument’ campaign, which aimed to explain students about the importance of monuments, sculptures, caves or building in various cities.

A circular has been issued by CBSE additional director to the heads of all affiliated institutions that states: "The objective of the year-long quiz aims to inform the students about the inter-link between the culture and heritage and the need for sustainable socio-economic development alongside modernization." 

Raising awareness among the students about conservation and management of the country’s heritage is the aim of the All India Quiz and it is expected to reach students all across the country.

The quiz will be conducted in three stages at the city level, regional level and national level. It started with the schools being asked to select and adopt a monument in its vicinity and the students being asked to take part in activities like collecting literature associated with the monument related to its history, conservation, stories, legends etc. This later, under the guidance of experts, changed into students preserving the monument by taking up work like removal of vegetation, cleaning and dusting in and around it.