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Date : 13-08-2015

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History and Science short courses launched at IIT-Gn

In an attempt to provide charged up and necessary trainings to students and researchers in relation to the subject of studying and evaluating the stone beads, the Archaeological Sciences Centre of IIT-Gandhinagar has managed to organize a "Short Term Course cum Workshop on History, Science and Technology of Stone Beads". The workshop involves 80 participants globally.

Prof Alok Kumar Kanungo, IIT-Gn faculty and the Primary Coordinator, stated, “In terms of importance, stone beads stand only second to ceramics as its study enables archaeologists to understand ancient technology, trade and cultural contacts and the science of ancient India. This course cum workshop aims to discuss the development of stone beads through the ages, literature/epigraphically references, typology, techniques and sciences involved in their study to interpret the past technology with the help of the best available experts and scholars who are either archaeologists or scientists working in archaeology and allied disciplines."

He also added, “This will also showcase our 5000 years old Indian cottage industry of stone bead making and the workers to rest of the world in its true historical, ethnographic, scientific and technological sense."

The event will last for 5 long days, and the speakers will be hailing from certain countries such as USA, England, Italy, Thailand, Iran, Srilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and so on. 6 craftsmen will be involved to demonstrate the fascinating processes involved with stone beads. Certain topics to be discussed during the workshop include:

  • Indian stone Ornaments Industries and Maritime Silk Road Cultural Exchanges
  • Ancient Stone Beads of South East Asia and Indian Connection
  • Stone Bead Production through Ages in Gujarat
  • Scientific Analyses and Stone Beads