BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 18-08-2015

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SFI to carry out rallies against Choice Based Credit System

Students and professional experts will be carrying out a "Maha Rally" in North Campus on August 26, 2015 against the newly launched Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). With a strengthening survey of students from 18 of Delhi University colleges and Jamia Millia Islamia favoring the cause for opposition, the Students' Federation of India is planning to coordinate this protest till August 26.

In the survey conducted, 91.89% out of 12,769 students in DU and 93.97% out of 1,813 students in Jamia voted against the recently launched system, of choice based. In a given statement, SFI has allegedly command opposition over the decision power transferred completely to the VC regarding critical decision for organizing the syllabi of courses and proposing authority to college principals for deciding Generic Electives offered to students.

SFI stated, “This will effectively mean loss of choice. The duration of each teaching period for first year students will be now one hour, while that of second and thirds year students will continue to be of 55 minutes each.”

This will mean that all timetables will have to be made again and there will be utter chaos. There are indications that the end-semester practical exams for science courses will be scrapped, which will lead to further dilution," they further stated.