BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 20-08-2015

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Two-year graduation before 1986 at par to three-year degree: UGC

In another turn of events, University Grants Commission notified a new rule against the candidates who cleared their 2+-year graduation degree programme before 1986, and has stated that their degree will be now considered equivalent with the candidates who have acquired a degree with duration of 3 years.

In accordance with the UGC Regulations 1985, a 3-year rule was mandatory for every aspirant who has applied for undergraduate course for further studies or employment means.

"It is clarified that students who had enrolled themselves in first degree course prior to June 4, 1986 and had successfully completed it by then, irrespective of their duration shall be treated at par with students who have completed three-year degree course," as per the UGC notifies.

"They are not required to undergo a further one year bridge course. Degrees obtained prior to the date and awarded to students enrolled prior to the same, shall be treated valid for all purposes including admission to a master’s degree programme, other higher studies and employment," it further added.