BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 22-08-2015

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Calcutta University focuses on quality of PG courses offered in colleges

Sugato Marjit, New Vice-Chancellor, Calcutta University, has been seeking to keep an eye on the precise quality and quantity of post-graduation teaching accessible by colleges associated with the particular university.

"No one monitors PG teaching in the colleges. But since we have started creating branches that offers the same degree and also gives out the same certificate that is issued to students studying at CU, a parity needs to be brought in the teaching method so that there is no difference in the quality of PG education," said Marjit.

"Since these colleges are affiliated, the value of the degrees is same in society. So it needs to be justified. We will have to see if something is wrong with the course. The faculty is hired by colleges and the laboratory facilities are offered by the colleges though the state government and university provide grants to upgrade infrastructure. I intend to oversee the entire PG teaching system and will do it only after discussing it with the heads of departments and Syndicate (the highest administrative decision making body of CU). Only then can I comment on the method of monitoring," VC added.

On a total, 171 colleges are affiliated to CU, and amongst them, 29 colleges offer various PG degrees. The university is seeking out eligible candidates to fulfill the 100 vacancies needed to be filled. "The university has not made any recruitment for a long time. This has led to vacant positions. It leads to additional burden on faculty members. Some recruitment is already on way while the rest will be done soon," added the source.