BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-08-2015

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IIT-BHU to set up counseling Centre for outstation students

Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) soon will be establishing a 'Students Counseling Centre' for the outstation students in order to help them cope with concerns, solitude, remoteness and despair following the unknown city and culture.

"The students, who come to the institute each year from outside the city, often find it difficult to cope with the rising pressures in academics as well as personal lives. They may even resort to things which might harm them and situations turn both sensitive and complex. To prevent things from going too far, the idea behind establishment of a counseling Centre came up," Prof A K Ghosh, Department Of Metallurgical Engineering, IIT-BHU, spoke in a meeting.

Stating it as a "home away from home", Prof Ghosh said, "We plan to give our students an environment based on trust and a comfort zone where they can share their problems, fears and other pressures bothering them with concerned counselors."

Prof Ghosh further stated that Students Parliament of IIT-BHU and the wardens of the hostels will be notified for further actions. “Usually, the wardens of hostels can easily identify a student in a troubled state. Since hostellers do not have a support system they prefer isolation. Thus, it's important to identify and take care of them," he said.

"Involvement of students and wardens will be a great help in making students more aware that the counseling Centre is easily approachable," he added.

Along with that, he added that a female and male professor will be recruited to act as assistance to the students based on their listening skills. “We will only appoint those professors as counselors who are patient enough to listen to the concerns and problems of the students who walk up to the Centre," he said. Professors from the psychology department will be taking active classes for Stress Management as guest lecturers.