BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-08-2015

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HC asks Maharashtra Gov. to act fast about students’ bag weightage rising up

With raising voice over the increasing weightage of school bags heavily carried by students, Bombay High Court asked Maharashtra government to take a step ahead for this matter and imply a decision for resolving the issue.

A bench of Justices V M Kanade and Shalini Phansalkar-Joshi took part in the public hearing filed by Social Activist Swati Patil regarding the ever-dominating weightage of school bags, and its negative effects on the health of children. The panel provided the government with a 3-weeks’ notice to decide and come up with a solution.

A committee has been appointed to look into this matter by the government after the court hearing and has come up with numerous recommendations. In one of the reports, it was statedb that the students carry 20-30% heavier weight than they are used to, which is somewhat causing them an orthopedic as well as stress-induced ailments.

60% of the students below age of 10 suffer the most, and this young age is only a budding chance for these ailments to grow for the next few years.

From the recommendations,. The committee came up with an idea of submitting one book per subject for three months and reduction of text book weightage by using less paper and no hardcover.

Further, luring technology into its grope, it suggested frequent usage of e-classroom and smart classes for the children to learn creatively. "This is a serious issue. Government has to take a decision soon. Have you (government) issued instruction to the schools about the resolution?" the Court said and asked the government.