BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 25-09-2015

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Google to offer online IT degrees in India

The search engine Google and an online education company Udacity are coming together to launch online IT courses in India to harness the huge talent in India. The courses will provide job opportunities for software developers as there are millions struggling for jobs in the country. Google and Udacity have collaborated with Indian IT conglomerate Tata to facilitate the online technical training courses to IT professionals. The course focuses on teaching development of apps on android platform to the software developers.

The online course lessons will be administered by Google instructors based in the United State to the software developers. 

The duration of the course would be between six to nine months and the course will cost Rs. 9800 per month.  Half of total amount of the course fee would be returned to the candidates after the successful completion of the program.

With the help of this program, Google seeks to impart and enhance skills of the huge developer market in India (almost 3.6 million developers, which is second largest in the world).

“While India has millions of software developers; we still lag behind in creating world-class apps,” says Ranjan Anandan, Google India Managing Director.

1000 scholarships will be offered by the companies typing up to offer this course and Google will have a job fair hosted for the candidates who successfully complete the course.