BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 13-10-2015

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Online transcripts for DU students

Students of Delhi University are going to find submission of transcripts to a University or an MNC very easy. Delhi University is planning on making transcripts available online. Students only have to register using the enrollment number given by the exam branch and pay online. Upon registration, the University will provide a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to the students. Students can submit their PIN to the preferred University or company to access their transcripts directly from the server of Delhi University.

It is an extremely easy and time-saving method for students to apply abroad and get transcripts.

According to the senior spokespersons at the exam branch of the University, “We are ready with the plan and are now waiting for the finalization of the payment gateway, which the finance department is going to do. But if things go according to the plan, then this facility can be rolled out as early as December this year. In the meantime, we are also in the process of digitizing the transcripts for years previous to 2013."

The students, who are enrolled in the school of open learning and women’s non-collegiate board, were all given online mark sheets this year. PG mark sheets of 9 departments are also available online.