BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 16-10-2015

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Five Jharkhand universities to go Hi-tech

Ranchi University, Kolhan University, Vinoba Bhave University, Sidho Kanhu Murmu University and Nilamber Pitambar University along with BIT Sindri are set to go Hi-tech in the upcoming year of 2016. The Department of Higher and Technical Education plans to improve the technological aspects of these universities

An ‘Innovative learning’ plan shall be introduced at University level by the Department of higher and technical education.

The secretary said, "Innovative learning plays a major role in making students interested in studies and providing them job-oriented education. To implement innovative learning, budget has been allotted under various heads including information and communication technology, modernization and strengthening of libraries and laboratories and establishment of science and technology centres." 

These Universities have been directed to establish digital libraries where students can easily get e-books and e-journals. Directions have also been issued to convert all classrooms into smart classrooms and fix video projectors and white boards in the classes.