BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 21-10-2015

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Madras University removes M.Phil. in political science

M.Phil. research programme offered by the Department of Politics and Public Administration has been removed by the Madras University. The shock came to the students halfway through the academic year.

The students say that the university is targeting them for the protests. But the university has denied such type of allegation and said that this action was taken due the invalid possession of bonafide certificates by the students.

Four students pursuing the course have been suspended due to the protest held for alleged demotion of former acting Head of the Department, Professor Ramu Manivannan.  

Registrar David Jawahar said that, prior to the month before the committee meeting students had submitted bonafide certificates issued by Manivannan.

He added further, “Since the committee members did not have a say in the admission and other deserved applicants might have got the opportunity if not for these students, a letter was sent to Manivannan seeking an explanation. However, as it was already quite late, the course was discontinued."

Manivannan claims that he hadn’t signed any bonafide certificate and alleged the university with playing the lives of the students through such unprincipled practices.