BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 29-10-2015

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Supreme Court advises Govt. to do away with all forms of quotas in educational institutions

The apex court has advised the Centre to do away with all kinds of reservation systems in higher educational institutions. The Centre and state governments’ inaction to make ‘merit’ the primary criteria for admissions, even after repeated reminders, is regretted by the court.

The bench comprising of Justice Dipak Misra and PC Pant, referred to the two judgments made by the Supreme Court in 1988 and remarked “The fond hope has remained in the sphere of hope… The said privilege remains unchanged, as if (it is) to compete with eternity.”

In Supreme Court’s ruling in 1988 on reservation in super-speciality courses in medical institutions, the court had said that “there should really be no reservation”. To improve the standard of higher education and also to enhance the quality of medical services available in the country, the reservation system stands as a hindrance.

“Therefore, we echo the same feeling and reiterate the aspirations of others so that authorities can objectively assess and approach the situation so that the national interest can become paramount,” the court said, upholding the top Court’s judgment on the issue 27 years ago.