BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 31-10-2015

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90% Indian students benefit from online courses: Survey

A survey named “learning outcomes" has revealed that Indians have gained better outcome than other countries by online courses.  The survey conducted on 51,954 people showed that Indians performed better than the global average.

The respondents who were near to completion of their programs in three months or more were divided into two groups as per their interest of opting courses. Those who are looking for advancement in professional careers were in career builders groups and who wanted to academic help were in education seekers groups.

Performance of Indians in survey:  

  • Indians outdid others by having 82 per cent benefit for career advancement and 76 per cent for educational advancement benefit against an average of 72 per cent and 61 per cent respectively.
  • 91% Indians observed different benefits against the global average of 88% and 68 %
  • More than 30 % of Indian learners likely to take admissions in these academic courses in comparison other countries.