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ISH KRUPA, 3rd Floor 31 Jai Bharat Society 3rd Road, Khar (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India- 400052

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NZ Connexions Pvt Ltd has two primary objectives: IMMIGRATION AND OVERSEAS EDUCATION.

NZ Connexions specialize in advising clients on the legal migration process to the UK, USA , Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.They also undertake the lodging of applications and subsequent communication with the concerned visa officers.NZ Connexions have links with consultants in these countries and are continuously updated on developments in this field. We have a very successful record and are known for our integrity and ethical business practices.Consultancy have hundreds of testimonials from very satisfied clients.

In the field of overseas education,they have been successfully expanding our network and can now offer almost any course, undergraduate or postgraduate, in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore and Dubai.NZ Connexions network of universities and institutes is continuously expanding. This has enabled us to satisfy students with diverse interests.

With their honest and forthright presentation of facts,they have built up a reputation for integrity and reliability since 1996.NZ Connexions have assisted over 2000 persons in successfully making their homes in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.their staff in Mumbai consists of 2 directors and 4 employees. They are fully trained to attend to the needs of our clients.NZ Connexions assure you of complete reliability, integrity, expertise and total dedication in making you a happy and successful immigrant.

NZ Connexions Services:

At NZ Connexions they specialize in giving individual attention. For them, each student is important and is treated like part of their family. Every individual has his/her own specific needs and NZ Connexions director and staff take personal interest in each and everyone.

These are the services they offer:

  • Individual counseling of students on what courses they should do so that they can eventually migrate to New Zealand.
  • Admitting students into Universities/ Polytechnics in New Zealand.
  • Helping students make the Curriculum Vitae and Statement of Purpose to suit New Zealand standards.
  • Supply students with necessary books, CDs and other study aid to appear for the IELTS examination.
  • Doing the Student Visa for the student.
  • Doing the work visa for the spouse and dependent child visa.
  • Providing pre-departure information, information on part time work, where to stay in New Zealand etc.
  • Help organizing and coordinating airport pickup, temporary accommodation, foreign exchange etc.

Visa Categories:

Skilled Migrant Category

  • The Skilled Migrant Category is the most popular category for migration to New Zealand. To migrate to under this category one has to fulfill a number of requirements. Qualification is based on age, work experience, skilled employment and extra points are given to applicants who have close family living in New Zealand. Filing under this category is complicated and consists of two stages. First one has to file an expression of interest and then apply for residency. We have been dealing with migration visas since 1996 and are experts with the Skilled Migrant visa. Each case is specific and please consult us for more details.
Student Visas
  • This is now a very important category for persons interested in New Zealand. It also offers an interesting pathway for eventual migration if the student wishes to work. If the student pursues some of the recommended courses, he/she can take their spouse who will be allowed to work full time for the duration of the course. The students will also be granted a six months open work permit to enable them to seek employment and work visas if they wish. This is an interesting change, which was brought about in 2005, and students are requested to contact us for more details.
Family Visas
  • Over the years with the number of clients they have in New Zealand they have been dealing with obtaining visas for their parents and children.NZ Connexions understand the difficulty for parents and grandparents to deal with their visas on their own and as a firm they are there for you.they have a competent staff of counselors who are patient and deal with each parent/spouse/ child with care.
Business Visas
  • Migration through the business route is possible to New Zealand. Please contact them for more details.
Visitors Visas
  • NZ Connexions obtain visitors visas only for specific clients whom we know or if your case is complicated and needs special attention.they do not normally do visitors visas for New Zealand.they advise you to consult a travel agent for your visitor visa to New Zealand.

Country Served

  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • France
  • Malaysia
  • Dubai


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