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Sherubtse College

Delhi, Delhi, India


Sherubtse College was positioned in Deli in the year 1983 as an emerging academic institution under...

Courses Offered

BA (Hon.) in Economics , Bachelor of Business Administration , Bachelor of Science in Computer Science ,

About College

Sherubtse College was positioned in Deli in the year 1983 as an emerging academic institution under the management of Royal University of Bhutan and under unison with University of Delhi. The college acts as a symbol of hopes, aspirations and expectations of the government and people of Bhutan, and continues to deliver best equipped modules and skilled working courses with a futuristic approach. The college imparts quality Bachelor of Sciences courses within the departments of Applied Sciences, Humanities, Maths, Language (English) and several more.

Institute Description

The Royal University of Bhutan's Sherubtse College,an affiliate of the University of Delhi since 1983, nestles in a sereneand picturesque corner of the Eastern Himalayas. The motto of thecollege is "Education for Excellence" and a large number of educatedBhutanese have spent enriching years at Sherubtse and achieved thatexcellence. These graduates are in fact the drivers of the Bhutaneseeconomic engine and the shapers of Bhutanese society. Sherubtse Collegeembodies the hopes, needs and aspirations of many young Bhutanese, aswell as those of their parents, the government and society at large.Rising to the challenges of changing times, Sherubtse continues toimpart high quality education, equipping its graduates with theknowledge and skills necessary to meet, in a wide range of areas, thehuman resource requirement of this fast-developing country.


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