College of Dentistry University of the East Manila Philippines-

College of Dentistry University of the East Manila Philippines

45 Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, Delhi, India- 110057


College of Dentistry was marked as an esteemed unit of the University of The East Manilla?Philippine...

Courses Offered

Master of Dental Surgery ,

About College

College of Dentistry was marked as an esteemed unit of the University of The East Manilla?Philippines, Delhi, and proves to be the one of the protagonists in providing transparent education in the field of Dentistry and Sciences. It regained granted recognition on July 1, 1950, and curricular offerings include Doctor of Dental Medicine, DMD, Two Years Pre-Dentistry Program (Associate in Health Science Education) along with Masters Education too.

Rankings & Awards

  • Number 1 Dental College in the Philippines
  • Only dental college in the Philippines to offer MDS.
  • 1 out of 4 graduates appear in dental licensure in the USA.
  • With its distinguished faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a library over 2,000 titles and 5,000 volumes of professional dental books as well as local and international dental journals.
  • 60 years history- offered quality education to countless graduates who eventually become the countrys top achievers and dynamic leaders.

Hostel Details

There are apartments in the vicinity of the campus that are available for rental. Students may consider renting a unit in there. If required, HCMI Education may also assist in arranging for the rental of the apartments. However, the rental costs will be at the expense of the students.   

Institute Description

The MDS program is jointly offered by HCMI Education and the University of the East College of Dentistry in the Philippines. This program has been specially designed to cater to students from the Indian subcontinent, with the curriculum meeting the requirements and acceptance of the Dental Councils including the Dental Council of India- making our students from the region eligible to apply to practice in their home countries immediately after completing the course. 
The Philippines is considered one of the greatest education spots for Indians students because it is safe, close to India (5 hours by plane and the timezone is only 2.5 hours ahead of India), the cost of living is the same as many metropolitan Indian cities and it is an english-speaking country.  The University of the East is one of the best dentistry institutions in the country with its America-system of education, english-taught curriculum and prime location in  the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world...Manila!
The College of Dentistry is one of the pioneers of dental education and labeled as one of the top dental schools in the Philippines. Today, the College of Dentistry stands tall with her golden harvest of topnotchers producing more than 685 top placers in the Dentist Licensure Examinations. Forty-three (43) of these were first placers, while 92 were 2nd and 3rd placers. The rest or 550 dominated the 4th to 20th slots.
The UE College of Dentistry continues to produce world-class graduates who are making noteworthy contributions to the world of dentistry and are highly regarded in the academic, in the private dental practice, organized dentistry and government institutions because of their intelligence, thoroughness and ethical rectitude. 

Partner Institutes

International Affiliations and Linkages:

  • Aichi-Gakuin University School of Dentistry, Japan
  • Nagasaki University School of Dentistry, Japan
  • Niigata University Faculty of  Dentistry, Japan
  • University de Rennes I School of Dentistry, France
  • New York University College of Dentistry, USA

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Why Study In the Philippines?

  • The World s 3rd largest English-speaking country
  • Reliable and convenient travel and communications infrastructure
  • Opportunity for overseas exposure and experience
  • United States system of education
  • Close proximity to India
  • Safe environment conducive to studying
  • Affordable education and cost of living
  • Economical living and traveling expenses

Testimonials From MDS Students

"If I studied back home, I would have to learn by myself however doing my Masters in the Philippines, I learned in a very American-styled system where its all very hands-on and the Professor is always offering you help to make you perfect." - Dr Amrita Dora from Chennai 

"I read in the newspaper in India that there is a good opportunity to do MDS in Philippines and it was my first preference. I wanted a global exposure and Philippines is also the third largest english speaking country, so there was no problem with communication" - Dr. Ruchit Thakar from Gujarat
"The best part of doing my MDS in Philippines is that my BDS degree is recognized here because it is not valid in the US and UK. I can directly go for my MDS here without any extra exams, courses and the seminars are very good." - Dr Francis Pratyusha from Hyderabad
"The Philippines is a very economical country-the cost of living is cheap. In India the cost of studies is very high, so thats why i decided to do my MDS here. The biggest difference with doing my MDS here is that the Professors come and interact with you, instead of just leaving you alone all day to look at books" - Dr. Phaninder Raj from Hyderabad 


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