New York Film Academy - Acting and Film School-

New York Film Academy - Acting and Film School

Plot no. 9 Tech Zone, Opp. Gautama Buddha University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India- 201301


New York Film Academy - Acting and Film School is an autonomous institution that provides acting tra...

Courses Offered

Acting for Film (1 Year / 8 Weeks / 4 Weeks) , Digital Photography (1 Year / 8 Weeks / 4 Weeks) , Filmmaking (1 Year / 8 Weeks / 4 Weeks) ,

About College

New York Film Academy - Acting and Film School is an autonomous institution that provides acting training to individuals interested in the field of drama, television and media. The acting course offered by this acting school is a one year program which is scheduled in a timespan of eight months. This college is located in greater Noida and the program offered is highly valued in the industry. This course trains individuals to transform into actors who can bring perfection on stage and on screen.

Infrastructure / Teaching Facilities

Filmmaking students shoot films on HD, RED EPIC digital and 35mm cameras depending on the program. Students in all filmmaking programs and workshops edit using Final Cut Pro on Apple computers.

The Acting for Film programs work hand-in-hand with the Filmmaking program, and share resources including film production equipment. Acting students peform in filmed scenes that utilize all the equipment used in the Filmmaking program. In classes and in student production, the acting students perform in film shoots, and develop a network of directors, writers, producers, and editors that is developed before entering the real world.

Photography students (depending on the length program) receive a state-of-the-art digital SLR cameras (currently Canon 5D Mark iii or Nikon D800) to keep, and have access to a wide variety of lenses to shoot assignments on location and in the studio every day. In-depth instruction is also provided using professional studio and portable strobe lighting and grip equipment with a full range of light shaping accessories: softboxes, diffusers, reflectors, flags, gels, umbrellas, etc. Wireless systems are provided to trigger multiple off-camera strobes.

Photography Students edit their images in a fully equipped digital lab using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom on large screen Apple iMac computers, and also shoot studio assignments tethered using Capture One for live RAW processing. Gicle   (inkjet) printing is taught in depth using Epson large format and desktop printers. Multimedia and HD filmmaking lessons incorporate digital recorders, shotgun and lavalier microphones, non-linear digital video and audio editing software, tripods with fluid heads, and a full array of professional tungsten and florescent lighting and grip equipment.

Top Faculty

New York Film Academy instructors are professionals from around the world who have a passion for communicating their knowledge and mentoring aspiring filmmakers and actors. The faculty is comprised of working veterans of Hollywood and independent films, Broadway and Off-Broadway.

Institute Description

The New York Film Academy is a unique educational institution, devoted to providing the most focused filmmaking, acting, and animation instruction in the world. Our film school's workshops offer an intensive, hands-on experience which gives students the opportunity to develop their creative skills to the fullest extent possible.

Greater Noida, New Delhi
The New York Film Academy is situated in thriving Greater Noida. Located in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh near Delhi, Greater Noida is one of the largest industrial townships in Asia. It is a fast growing region, on a trajectory to be one of the largest industrial and cultural hubs of India. Visitors to greater Noida will find a Formula 1 Racetrack, ICC Cricket Stadium, the world's 4th largest Night Safari, Expo Mart, and Asia's largest Gautama Buddha University. Greater Noida is also home to many great schools including Noida International University, Shiv Nadar University, Galgotia University, Gautama Buddha University, and now the New York Film Academy.
In the creation of our curriculum, we worked with students and faculty from around the world to develop the most comprehensive and intensive programs of all the leading film schools. We adapted the best ideas and elements from film schools with leading degree programs and designed alternatives which provide a thorough grounding in either filmmaking, acting, or animation and are also flexible in meeting the diverse needs of our students.

New York Film Academy courses balance the study of the art form with practical experience, in order to train students to be the best filmmakers, actors or animators they can be. The subject is taught through a balance of classroom instruction, hands-on workshops, and immediate experience. Indeed, from day one, students are behind the camera, performing in a scene, or creating a 3-D model. Our acting animation and film schools believe in learning by doing.

In all New York Film Academy filmmaking workshops, each student writes, produces, directs, and edits his or her own films. In addition, they each assist other members of the crew in the roles of director of photography and assistant camera person, providing all with extensive set experience. The acting and animation workshops are just as extensive and thorough.

New York Film Academy students are not lost in large classes. As an explicit policy, our acting, animation, and film schools limit class size, making individual attention and interaction among students and instructors possible. Our acting, animation and film school's students are encouraged to meet faculty for one-on-one consultation throughout the workshop.

The Academy strives to create an environment that promotes personal development and learning over competition. In keeping with this philosophy, the New York Film Academy takes pride in its open door policy of admission. Students from diverse backgrounds, from all countries and from all walks of life are welcome. Our acting, animation and film schools nurture a supportive, positive atmosphere conducive to the level of collaboration required to make a great film.

Learning to be a filmmaker, actor, or animator is not done "by the numbers." It is done by immersion in the process and by knowing the "whys" that teach the "hows." It is done by hands-on experience, trial and error, feedback and correction, and questions and answers. By working in a series of projects and by working hands-on almost every day, students will learn by doing.

Above all, our acting, animation and film school's students are storytellers. Film directors are confronted with a number of visual, dramatic, and technical challenges. Film actors face the awesome challenge of bringing these stories to life by creating living, breathing characters. 3-D animators must create an imaginary world and characters of their own design. The Film Academy's workshops encourage students to work through these challenges; to empower students to artfully tell their stories.

Of all film schools, the New York Film Academy is the choice among many Hollywood film makers and their families, including the son of Steven Spielberg; the son of former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan; son of Academy Award winning actor F. Murray Abraham; director Luc Besson's sister (The Fifth Element, La Femme Nikita); and director Peter Bogdanovich's daughter. And yet, some of the best films to come out of the New York Film Academy are from students with no connections to the film industry.


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