Sir Vithaldas Thackersey (SVT) College of Home Science-

Sir Vithaldas Thackersey (SVT) College of Home Science

Sir Vithaldas Vidyavihar, SNDT Campus, Juhu Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India- 400049


Incorporated in 1959, Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College of Home-Science advances for its affiliation...

Courses Offered

BHSc. (Communication and Extension) , BHSc. (Composite Home Science) , BHSc. (Family Resource Management) , BHSc. (Food & Nutrition) ,

About College

Incorporated in 1959, Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College of Home-Science advances for its affiliation with SNDT Women University on an independent note, and is considered as one of the leading pioneer in providing powerful academic compositions in the field of Home Sciences. It has its accreditations saved via NAAC, and offer best-circulated and efficient undergraduate, post graduate and diploma certificate courses under the departments such as Composite Home Science, Resource Management, Food & Nutrition, Human Development, Mass Communication & Fashion, Textile & Apparel Designing and Development.

Rankings & Awards

Landmark achievements of S.V.T. College of Home Science: 1998 - Accredited by NAAC with 5 stars and institutional score of 78.3%.
2004-2005 Re-accredited by NAAC with B++ and institutional score between 80-85%.
2006-2007 SVT bestowed the prestigious honour of College with Potential Excellence (CPE) by UGC for 3 year period.
2006-2007 Started Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics  

Institute Description

Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College of Home-Science was established in 1959. One of the pioneering institutions in Home Science, it is a constituent autonomous college of S.N.D.T. Womens University.  Located in midst of the city, this college has 21 acre sprawling campus located in Zuhu and yet away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai City. Being autonomous, and NAAC reaccredited, the college has made many progressive curricular innovations in Home Science and has contributed immensely to the vocationalization of the field of Home Science.  

FAQ's-Careers in Home Science as a Discipline

Q.1 We always thought Home Science as a discipline would entail cooking & stitching. Is it True?
Ans.1 It is the biggest MYTH which needs to be threshed. Home science as a discipline is an Ocean Of opportunities for careers in different specializations. In Real sense each specialization under the umbrella of Home Science has developed so much that it offers immense career options for students to explore.   Q.2 Which are the specializations under the umbrella of Home Science.?
Ans.2 There are six major area of specializations under the umbrella of Home Science; they are : Foods & Nutrition, Textiles & Clothing, Human Development, Communication & Extension, Family Resource Management, & Composite Home Science.   Q.3 Do these Specializations have specific avenues for a Career?
Ans.3 Each Specialization is a base to become a professional. The career options for each specialization are summarized below:

  • Foods & Nutrition : With a booming wellness industry & increasing awareness towards food & health this specialization offers galore opportunities as Nutritionists who can be consultant or a part of dietary departments of hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, research & academic institutions, hospitality industry, community health programmes, NGOs, Sports Institutes, gyms, Journalists & media consultants.
  • Textiles & Apparel Design: With changing face of textile industry, apparel wear, & variety of fabrics in the present scenario this is a booming arena of careers as textile designers, merchandisers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, researchers, quality control analysts, & academicians.
  • Human Development: Its a specialized input in the areas of early childhood care & development counseling which equips the student to be Counselors in Child Guidance Clinics, testing labs, medical institutions, Rehabilitation centres, social welfare agencies & child development centres, Education technologists in development of teaching aids for children, toy industry, pre school teachers, crches, day care centre in-charge.
  • Communication & Extension: This specialization equips the student with communication & extension skills to be media planners at advertising agencies, TV programme producers, Journalists, TV & Print, working with NGO in urban & rural welfare organizations, community development projects. An added competent of still photography & audio production equips them to be photo journalists, sound recordists, film makers & researchers.
  • Family Resource Management: This specialization opens the doors for the students to enter Hospitality Industry or become Interior designers. They can be in front office management, or travel desk, agencies, Interior designers, CAD operators, specialized designers for ergonomically sound furniture.
  • Composite Home Science: Its a right blend of all specializations and gives students a broader platform to choose from. They can be Fashion Journalists, specialized media experts, Event managers, part of hospitality industry, travel & tourism, entrepreneurs in food industry, apparel ware.
Q.4 How is Home Science different from any other graduation programme?
Ans.4 This is one graduation which teaches you everything which is relevant & applied to your day to day life & that is what makes it very relevant & interesting. Presently the graduation programme is only open to girls but there is a move at school level by NCERT in the future to make it open to both girls & boys.   Q.5 How are the colleges offering the graduation programme in Home Science different?
Ans.5 SVT college of Home Science is empowered with academic autonomy which enables the institute to reframe syllabus as per the present needs of the society, use innovative teaching & evaluate methods, have more focused inputs in grooming students to specific vocations supported with practical on the job training as internship, filed work & placements.   Q.6 What subjects should I opt for in Junior College to seek admission in the graduation programme of Home Science? Ans.6 You can opt for arts, commerce or science at your junior college. If you have science subjects you can opt for specializations in foods & nutrition & textiles & clothing besides others. But with arts & commerce subjects you can only opt for other specializations besides the above two. There are some colleges like SVT college which have a Junior college as well. Seeking admission in Junior college increases your chances of getting admission in the degree programme.   Q.7 What are the prospects for Post Graduation courses after graduating in Home Science?
Ans.7 You can do Masters or post Graduate diploma courses in any of the specializations. One can pursue PhD in any specialization. These courses are offered by SNDT womens University ( JUHU campus ) & Mumbai University.


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