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Top Reasons to Join this Institute: USMLE based syllabus, top institute of Georgia, education in En...

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MBBS Medicine ,

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Top Reasons to Join this Institute:

  • USMLE based syllabus, top institute of Georgia, education in English, cost effective compared to similar education in other countries in Europe.

Top Recruiting Companies

Leading hospitals of the world especially in the US

Institute Description

About AIETI Medical School (Tbilisi, Georgia)

AIETI Medical School was founded by Dr. Dimitri Tvildiani in the year 1992/93. It is the first higher medical education institution in Georgia which started providing education in English. It is also the most favoured destination for foreign students who wish to study MBBS, in Georgia . There  are numerous reasons for it, foremost being the fact that AIETI Medical School follows USMLE (United States Medical Examination) syllabus.  And because of this, there are a number of students each year who pass USMLE, whch enables them to practice medicine in United States of America.

At AIETI Medical School, the quality of students knowledge is checked using the original self-designed computer-based assessment program including the complicacy number test questions. Learning of Basic Medical Disciplines is system-oriented, while that of Clinical Medical Disciplines is Problem and System - oriented.

Fee Discount:
At AIETI, a discount in tuition fees is possible for brilliant students from the second year onwards. The fee discount is decided according to the results of the course examination. The final score is also influenced by the results of oral examinations taken throughout the year.

Curriculum: The duration of the MBBS course in AIETI Medical school is six years which consist of three stages:

  1. Basic Medical Science (2.5 years)
  2. Clinical Science (2.5 years)
  3. Pre-diploma Specialization (Clinical Clerkship 1 year)
The curriculum consists of single cycles each concluded by a test which affects the final results obtained in a given discipline. The duration of an academic year makes up 40 weeks (2 semesters). The end   of year examination is conducted in the form of test according to the quotas in all the subjects taken within the year.

USMLE:  Selection examinations are conducted for AIETI`s students and graduates aimed to pass the USMLE Steps. A student has to obtain an exceedingly good score to be admitted as a candidate for the USMLE financed by the School.
Other students who wish to still take the examination are allowed to do so once they agree to bear the fees for the examination.

AIETI Medical School is included into the WHO AVICENNA Directory of Medical Schools, it is a member of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) and Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System (ORPHEUS).


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