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Lateral School of Creative Learning

Tatya Tope Housing Society ltd., Gate no:1, Bungalow no: 12/2. Opposite Shivarkar Garden., fatimanagar, Wanowrie, Pune, Maharashtra, India- 411040


Excellent teaching method used to improve and enhance the creative development of children. State-of...

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Lateral Development Program ,

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Excellent teaching method used to improve and enhance the creative development of children. State-of-art infrastructure with methods never been taught before. Garunteed improvement in creativity, behaviour and manners of children.

Institute Description

We at Lateral, School of Creative Learning, firmly believe that every kid is born with creative ability, however due to the rigorous routines in their daily life, they pay less attention towards visual and imaginative development because of which the creative thought process in a child seizes to develop. In order to grow into successful, confident and self dependent adults in this fast paced world, it is extremely important for the kids to develop the right side of their brain. The right side of the brain deals with creativity, imagination, holistic thinking, writing abilities, arts, intuition, rhythm, visualization, lateral thinking abilities and more. As education is necessary for children to promote healthy development of their left brain which deals with logic, language, academic and rational thinking, we make sure that the right side is also developed simultaneously so that both sides of the brain syncs in together making your child prominent, distinctive and making him stand out of the crowd. Creative abilities in your kids from early childhood would lead to development of strong dynamic personalities with high imaginative skills, thus enabling your child to express their ideas more freely, clearly and accurately, and would also increase their focus thereby having a positive result on studies as well. In todays generation, our kids are constantly surrounded by television, videogames, internet, mobile gaming, gadgets and a lot more which in turn is having a negative impact on the mental and physical attributes of your kids. Not only, it is depriving them of their glorious childhood days but it also diminishes skills for any personal growth or development and it also influences their actions and behaviours.  At Lateral, we take our utmost care to nurture the talents of your kids and to enhance their creative abilities. We do not believe in rigorous routines and strict rules. We make sure that your kid is treated individually and is taught with love and care. We make learning fun for kids making sure that there is constant positive development in them and they grow up to be innovative, creative and confident adults. 

After school activity centre

Lateral, School of Creative Learning is an after school activity centre. We here specialize in bringing positive development in children and enhancing their creative ability. With methods never been taught anywhere before, we utilize our knowladge in grooming our children. At Lateral school of creative learning, learning is not a task but a fun and healthy competetion. With all other activities included example, story telling, craft and project building, sketching, drawing, painting, moral training, brain games, lateral learning, clay modelling and more, we groom the entire personality of your kids.
Apart from attending the School, your child would also be assigned some creative work so that when they are not studying, they can work on their creativity. Parents would be sent an email informing them about the type of activity or homework assigned to their kids. Child Improvement Analysis report would be generated at the end of every month based on the childs developments and that would be shared with their parents on a monthly basis giving an overall view about their improvements and achievements.  


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