Sahyadri Valley College of Engineering & Technology-

Sahyadri Valley College of Engineering & Technology

At / Post Rajuri, Near Alephata,, Kalyan - Nagar Highway,Taluka Junnar, , Mumbai Pune Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India- 412411


Set up in 2011, Sahyadri Valley College of Engineering & Technology (SVCET), Pune, is a reputed firm...

Courses Offered

M.E , B.E , Diploma Program ,

About College

Set up in 2011, Sahyadri Valley College of Engineering & Technology (SVCET), Pune, is a reputed firm promising to embark an educational revolution within the aegis provided by Maharia Charitable Trust, Mumbai. The college has gained its verification from AICTE, DTE and Government of Maharashtra & maintains its unison with University of Pune. The aim of the college is to strive for higher education on technical terms and spread the light till the cornerstone. The college manages several departments such as Computer Applications, Applied Sciences, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunications, for UG & PG evaluation.

Hostel Details

Our College is having Girls as well as Boys Hostel with each and every facilities like Bed, Cupboards, Study table , Chair, invertor, reading room , visitors parlour, water coolers, common TV room etc. The hostels also have facilities for indoor and outdoor games.
Our hostel having Two and Three seater well Vantilated rooms with green lush environment.

Infrastructure / Teaching Facilities

Our college is having very big playground for various outdoor games like Cricket, Kho-Kho, Volley-Ball, Foot-Ball etc.As well as we are having various indoor games like Chess, Carrom,Table-Tennis etc.
Our college is having hygienic,well maintained cafeteria with good quality of food at very low cost.
Our College is having Girls as well as Boys Hostel with each and every facilities like Bed, Cupboards, Study table , Chair, invertor, reading room , visitors parlour, water coolers, common TV room etc. The hostels also have facilities for indoor and outdoor games.
Our hostel having Two and Three seater well Vantilated rooms with green lush environment.
Rules & Regulations
Ragging in any form is banned inside and outside the campus.
Every boader must have a local guardian including those who reside in hostels.
Boaders should follow the timings of the hostels.
Visitors including parents / guardians are allowed to meet their wards in the visitors parlour during visiting hours and not in the rooms.
Students are not allowed to stay in rooms other than the ones allotted to them.
Students are responsible for the safety of their belongings.
Students are not allowed to keep pets of any kind in the hostels.
Use of tobacco, in any form is prohibited.
Consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
Possession of weapons or dangerous chemicals are strictly prohibited.
Hostellers are not allowed to stay in rooms during college hours, unless they are ill. Any illness should be reported to the warden.
The warden should be informed of any medication that the student uses.
Students are not permitted to stay away from the hostel or leave station without the prior permission from the warden.
Students, once admitted to the hostel, cannot vacate it without the written request from their parents, which must be authourised by the warden and the Principal.
Meetings / gatherings within the hostel are not permitted. Functions, of any kind, should have the prior permission of the warden.
Students are not allowed to have their meals in their rooms except under special conditions like illness etc. The permission of the warden is required in such cases.
Cooking is not permitted in the hostel rooms.
Any damage to the hostel property will attract a fine.
Computer Laboratory
The Institute has well equipped laboratories with over 100  personal computers connected via Fibre Optic backbone on a campus wide LAN. Almost all relevant software packages required for UG  students are made available on this LAN.
Internet Facility
A 16 Mbps leased line Internet connectivity from RELIANCE caters to the needs of the students. The computer lab is open from 8 am to 12 midnight. Students involved in e-commerce and web based projects are provided with facilities and support by the Institute.
WI-FI Campus
All the departments in the campus including the hostels are connected through high speed wireless connectivity. Course materials and student information are available online.
Health Care
The Medicare scheme entitles students to free medical and dental treatment. The campus has a medical centre with a qualified physician and dentist.
Counseling and Student Welfare
With Primary Prevention being the goal, constant efforts to create a healthy atmosphere on campus to maximize student development, is in place.The Dept. of Counselling carries out a variety of activities to cater to genuine student needs from that of adjustment to development and growth; from career planning and training to higher education and placement. Students are also given training in leadership, public speaking, effective communication and facing interviews.
Project Teacher - Guardian
A GROUP OF 3-5 STUDENTS ARE ASSIGned to a teacher in the 1st year, who will monitor and assist the students in academics and overall development. This project aims to help students stay focussed on playing their role (as students) effectively.
Transportation facility is available from near by places of the college.
Industrial Training
The college has well-equipped workshops and machine facilities. The Mechanical Engineering Department has a Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) laboratory.
Continuing Technical Education Programme
The college continuously upgrades its staff by organising seminars, symposia and ensuring staff participation at various academic fora.
Other Facilites
Medical Services 
Fully equipped dispensaries with doctors are available at our premises. Various medical check ups and campaigns are held free of charge for all the students and faculty members during every academic year.
Meditation Centere
In today's highly competitive world, only those who gain total control over their mind will rise above the ordinary to lead happy and successful lives.

Institute Description

SVCET is established in the year 2011 under the dedicated efforts of the Maharia Charitable Trust, Mumbai, which is the governing body formed in 2001, with an intention to promote and provide technical education in the remote areas of Maharashtra.
The main motto of the trustees of Maharia Charitable Trust is to carve the youth as competent, dynamic, valued and enlightened professionals who shall become instruments in the nation building process in the 21st century. Our nation today needs a balanced and sustainable growth with better facility of technical eduation to be provided at remote areas. Maharia Charitable Trust is dedicated to fulfill this aim.
Courses Offered
Post Graduate Programs:
M.E   Duration : 2 Years with following specializations:
Sr.No. Courses Intake
1 M.E in Mechanical Engineering 24
2 M.E in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering 24
Under Graduate Programs:     
B.E Program Duration : 4 Years with the following specializations: 
Sr.No. Courses Intake
1 B.E in Computer  Engineering (CO) 60
2 B.E in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (E&TC) 60
3 B.E in Civil Engineering (CE) 60
4 B.E in Mechanical Engineering (ME) 120
Diploma Programs:
Diploma Program Duration : 3 Years with the following specializations:
Sr.No.  Courses Intake
1 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering(DME) 60
2 Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering(DE&TC) 60

Library Details

1. Computer Engineering 194 918 6
3. E & T Engineering. 207 1404 14
4. Mechanical Engineering 217 2157 17
5. Civil Engineering 102 621 6
6. Science & Humanities 82 934 3
                          Total 802 6034   46
IEEE All- Society Periodical Package (ASPP) 146 Journals Plus Back File to 2000
J-Gate Engineering and Technology  (JET)
ASTM Digital Library
Wiley Computer Sc + Data System + Telecommunication and related Discipline Collection
Springer Mechanical Engineering Collection Titles - 49, Back Files From 1997-2012
Wiley Civil Engineering Collection-18 Titles
McGraw-Hill's Access Engineering
ELSEVIER Engineering + Computer Science
Open Access for all Students, Staff & Visitors
Online access to e-Journals
Reprographic service
Book Bank: One set of books per student are provided for one semester.
Home lending: 3 books for 7 days (extendable) & 1 book for 1 day on identity card.
Digital learning Materials: CD / DVD / Audio & Video Facilities.
Reading Hall: Spacious and comfortable Reading Rooms with a capacity of 90 readers, separate for Boys , Girls & Staff.
List of News Papers: Times of India (English), Indian Express (English), Navbharat (Hindi),                                          
Daily Lokmat (Marathi), Loksatta (Marathi), Sakal (Marathi).

Anti Ragging Cell

Anti Ragging Commitee
Sr.No. Designation Name Contact No.
1 Head Of Institution Dr. Sanjay B. Zope 9823284461
2 Representative of Civil & Police Administration Mr.P.I.Awtade,
API, Narayangaon Police Station
3 NGO Representative in Youth Activities Mr.Dhananjay Kale 9890586230
4 Representatives of Staff Mr.S.D.Ingale 8308822193
Mrs.D.N.Gunjal 9975300513
Ms.S.B.Borse 9561856375
5 Representatives of Non-Teaching Staff Mr.U.Kardile 9890591849
Mr.S.S.Ghorpade 8308822195
6 Representative of Parents Mr.A.Kale 9766270089
7 Boys Student Representative Mr.R.Pandey 9860934217
8 Girls Student Representative Ms.J.D.Gunjal 9665854439


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