Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER)-

Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER)

IISER Mohali, Knowledge city, Sector 81, SAS Nagar, Manauli , Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India- 140306


Offers varied UG and PG courses State of the art infrastructure Qualified faculty Excellent facilit...

Courses Offered

Doctoral Program (PhD) In Physical Sciences , Doctoral Program (PhD) In Chemical Sciences , Doctoral Program (PhD) In Life Sciences , Doctoral Program (PhD) In Mathematics ,

About College

  • Offers varied UG and PG courses
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Qualified faculty
  • Excellent facilities

Top Recruiting Companies

It provides the students with state of the art infrastructure aided with state of the art facilities. listed below are the various facilities:

Computing Facility

  • Linux-based set of computers
  • Public domain software
  • Network and internet facilities
  • Around 800 books
  • The collection includes textbooks for the undergraduate curriculum in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology
  • Fully digital library

Top Faculty

This institute provides its students with state of the art faculty. They are not highly qualified but they have attained expertise int heir relevant domain. Given below are the faculty members along with their details:

N.Sathyamurthy Professor (Chem) Theoretical chemistry nsath[at]
Ramesh Kapoor Professor (Chem) Inorganic chemistry rkapoor[at]
C. G. Mahajan Professor (Phy) Laser Physics mahajancg[at]
Arvind Professor (Phy) Quantum Theory arvind[at]
Kavita Dorai Assoc. Prof. (Phy) Biomolecular NMR & Quantum Computing kavita[at]
Sanjay Singh Asst. Prof. (Chem) Inorganic Synthesis sanjaysingh[at]
Amit Kulshrestha Asst. Prof. (Maths) Algebra amitk[at]
Sanjay Mandal Assoc. Prof. (Chem) Organometallic Chemistry & sanjaymandal[at]
X-ray Diffractometry
Chanchal Kumar Assoc. Prof (Maths) Algebraic Geometry chanchal[at]
Ramandeep S. Johal Assoc. Prof. (Phy) Statistical Mechanics rsjohal[at]
Samrat Ghosh Asst. Prof. (Chem) Materials Chemistry samrat[at]
R. Ramesh Asst. Prof. (Chem) Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy rramesh[at]
Lingaraj Sahu Asst. Prof. (Maths) Functional Analysis lingaraj[at]
Samrat Mukhopadhyay Asst. Prof. (Bio/Chem) Protein Folding, Misfolding, Prion & Amyloid Biology mukhopadhyay[at]
N.G. Prasad Asst. Prof. (Bio) Evolutionary Genetics prasad[at]
S. Arulananda babu Asst. Prof. (Chem) Synthetic Organic Chemistry sababu[at]
A. Mukhopadhaya Asst. Prof. (Bio) Immunology arunika[at]
K. Chattopadhyay Asst. Prof. (Bio) Protein Structure-Function Studies kausik[at]
Rajeev Kapri Asst. Prof. (Phy) Statistical Mechanics rkapri[at]
Lolitika Mandal Asst. Prof. (Bio) Developmental Genetics lolitika[at]
Sudip Mandal Asst. Prof. (Bio) Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology sudip[at]
Kamal P. Singh Asst. Prof. (Phy) Ultrafast Quantum Dynamics kpsingh[at]
Pranaw Rungta Asst. Prof. (Phy) Quantum Information pranaw[at]
A. R. Choudhury Asst. Prof. (Chem) X-ray Crystallography angshurc[at]
K. P. Yogendran Asst. Prof. (Phy) Quantum aspects of Gravity yogendran[at]
R Vijaya Anand Asst. Prof. (Chem) Synthetic Organic Chemistry rvijayan[at]
Kapil Hari Paranjape Professor (Maths) Algebraic Geometry kapil[at]
Sudeshna Sinha Professor (Phy) Nonlinear Dynamics sudeshna[at]
Anu Sablok Asst. Prof. (Humanities) Social Science anusablok[at]
Samarjit Bhattacharyya Asst. Prof. (Bio) Neurobiology samarjit[at]
Ananth Venkatesan Asst. Prof. (Physics) Mesoscopic Systems ananthv[at]
Jasjeet Bagla Professor (Phy) Astrophysics, Cosmology jasjeet[at]
K. Gongopadhyay Asst. Prof. (Maths) Groups and Geometry krishnendu[at]
Vinayak Sinha Asst. Prof. (Earth Sc./ Chem) Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics vsinha[at]
A.K.Bachhawat Professor (Bio) Glutathione and Sulphur Metabolism in Yeasts anand[at]
Purnananda Guptasarma Professor (Bio) Protein Engineering & Structural Biochemistry guptasarma[at]
Sanjeev Kumar Asst. Prof. (Phy) Condensed Matter Theory sanjeev[at]
Santanu Kumar Pal Asst. Prof. (Chem) Liquid Crystals skpal[at]
Yogesh Singh Asst. Prof. (Phy) Strongly Correlated Electron Systems/ Crystal Growth yogesh[at]
Harvinder Kaur Jassal Asst. Prof. (Phy) General Relativity and Cosmology hkjassal[at]
K. R. Shamasundar Asst. Prof. (Chem) Quantum Chemistry krsham[at]
Sudesh Kaur Khanduja Professor (Maths) Valuation Theory skhanduja[at]
Kavita Babu Asst. Prof. (Bio) Neurobiology kavitababu[at]
K. S. Viswanathan Professor (Chem) Spectroscopy vish[at]
S. V. Rama Sastry Sripada Asst. Prof. (Chem) Synthetic Organic Chemistry ramsastry[at]
Baerbel Sinha Asst. Prof. (Earth Sc.) Environmental Science bsinha[at]
Mahak Sharma Asst. Prof. (Bio) Cell Biology msharma[at]
Yashonidhi Pandey Asst. Prof. (Maths) Algebraic Geometry ypandey[at]
Rachna Chaba Asst. Prof. (Bio) Bacterial Genetics and Physiology rachnachaba[at]
Somdatta Sinha Professor (Bio) Mathematical and Computational Biology ssinha[at]
Ram Yadav Asst. Prof. (Bio) Plant Developmental Genetics ryadav[at]
Shravan Kumar Mishra Asst. Prof. (Bio) Ubiquitin-Like Modifiers and RNA Splicing skmishra[at]
Mandip Singh Asst. Prof. (Phy) Quantum Optics & Bose Einstein condensation mandip[at]
Goutam Sheet Asst. Prof. (Phy) Low-temperature scanning probe microscopy goutam[at]
Varadharaj R. Srinivasan Asst. Prof. (Maths) Differential Algebra ravisri[at]
Rajesh Ramachandran Asst. Prof. (Bio) Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Retina Regeneration rajeshra[at]
Shashi Bhushan Pandit Asst. Prof. (Bio) Computational structural and systems biology shashibp[at]
Kuljeet Sandhu Asst. Prof. (Bio) Systems biology of genome regulation sandhuks[at]
Abhishek Chaudhuri Asst. Prof. (Phy) Condensed Matter Theory : Soft and Biological Matter abhishek[at]
Alok Maharana Asst. Prof. (Maths) Algebraic Geometry maharana[at]
S K Arun Murthi Asst. Prof. (HSS) Philosophy of Science arun[at]

Institute Description

The Indian Institute of Science Education & Research or IISER Mohali was set up in 2007 by the Government of India to provide quality education to the stduents. It was started for carrying out research in areas of science. It provides the students with highly qualified faculty members who have attained expertise in theri relevant  field. Students are also provided with worldclass infrastructure with modern facilities. Since its inception, IISER provides its students with nothing but the best.


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