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Purvanchal Institute of Architecture & Design

Plot no. AL-3, Sector-09, GIDA, Gorakhpur, U.P., Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India- 273209


PIAD conduct 5 yrs course in Architecture(B.ARCH.). It is first institute to offer B.ARCH. degree in...

Courses Offered

B.Arch. ,

About College

PIAD conduct 5 yrs course in Architecture(B.ARCH.). It is first institute to offer B.ARCH. degree in Purvanchal region. PIAD believes in exclusivity and quality of education, which lasts forever in students life.

We have hired Architects as faculties from Gorakhpur and other places to teach students. These faculties are handpicked and one of most prestigious and well educated in the field of Architecture. PIAD is well equipped with facilities, workshops, software and infrastructure for the course...Since the college is founded by an Architect himself, PIAD is planning to be practical cell for the students so that they can excel in real life as an Architect.

Hostel Details

 saperate girls and boys hostel,

With 24 hr electricity and internet.

Infrastructure / Teaching Facilities

36000 sq ft of excellent built facility with 16 acre campus.

Director of Institute has studied from IIT roorkee 
Rest whole of educational team comprises experience Architects to teach the students in relevant subjects.

Top Faculty

Mr. Vinod Tripathi
Director (B.Arch., M.Arch.)

Institute Description

Bachelor of Architecture (80 seats)
Approved by COA
Approved by AICTE
Affiliated to GBTU, Lucknow
Approved NATA test Center

Only Architecture Institute in entire Purvanchal.

Vision and Mission of PIAD

PIAD believes in mix of new technology to local sensibilities, which means we are very much inclined towards using 3D design tools for animation and design conceptualization. Which mixing it local design sensibilities. We are basing our teaching methods on doing things and always improving methods by sacrificing the methods which we find irrelevant in due process. India is still largely a poor country and Architects can not limit themselves to only the urbanized centers where most modern materials are being used. Rather We think in urbanized regions local traditional material may prove more efficient, environmentally effective. We think Architecture can never disassociate itself from its context, which is moreover related to human condition. Hence we believe the letting students know what is doing Architecture, and what goes into it. This is why we have oriented our teaching methods to construction of prototypes of experimental structures in 1:1 scale in rural areas around the college itself. This way our students will know what design manifestation means, while local population will benefit through knowing different methods of construction. In our teaching methods we enforce human values as most supreme and in that relation, We force our students to think about long term benefits through innovation. We believe innovation always proves cheaper socially, economically, as it saves human race a lot of time doing wrong things. We think Architecture education is most responsible form of education any individual can get. PIAD is inclined towards Global yet local education and to achieve this FUTURE ARCHITECTS must be equipped with tools of expressions. They should be in position to express the complex socio-economic scene of India in their work. We place context of India, Indian sub-continent at core of our education. India is an interwoven fabric of RURAL, URBAN, RICH, POOR, RELIGIONS, ENVIRONS, LANGUAGES, DIALECTS, COLOURS, CREED, MATERIALS, SOCIETIES and so on... To deal with them FUTURE ARCHITECTS must learn the ways to pick and define their own fundamentals, be able to separated issues in their objective light. Major part of India is villages which requires modern application of traditional and new materials to lift them towards better life. While our ambitious urban areas must be directed towards all inclusive approach towards building keeping their ambitions intact and growth oriented. Materials and their application play a great role in this. FUTURE ARCHITECTS must be equipped to deal with materials in more efficient and innovative ways.


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