Institute of Genetic Engineering-

Institute of Genetic Engineering

30,Thakurhat Road, Badu, Badu, Kolkata, West Bengal, India- 700128


Top Reasons to Join this Institute: Excellent group of FACULTY with a wealth of research experience...

Courses Offered

B.Sc. (Hons) in Microbiology , B.Sc. (Hons) in Molecular Biology , B.Sc. (Hons) in Genetics , B.Sc. (Hons) in Biotechnology ,

About College

Top Reasons to Join this Institute:

  • Excellent group of FACULTY with a wealth of research experience as per university norms
  • Offers 3 years Honours Degree Courses and 2 year Post Graduate Courses with the affiliation of WBUT
  • Centre of Excellence in Education and Research in Genetics and Biotechnology in West Bengal

Infrastructure / Teaching Facilities

IGE is quite well-equipped and has world-class infrastructure to facilitate advanced academics and research works. It includes:

  • Under Graduate Teaching Block (3 floor- 10,000 sq ft)
  • Consists of 10 class rooms available UG courses along with faculty rooms and toilet in each floor.
  • Post Graduate Teaching Block (2 Floor - 3400 sq ft)
  • Consist of 4 lecture hall and 4 experimental laboratories along with toilets.
  • New Laboratory Block (3 floor - 7200 sq ft )
  • Consist of 3 floor with 7200 sq ft areas were distributed into main laboratories such as Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer laboratory, Genetics, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Microbiology. It is connected with UG teaching block.
  • Old laboratory Block (2280 sq ft)
  • Consist of 3 floor distributed into laboratories such as Biochemistry, Thalassaemia Research laboratory, Plant Tissue Culture and Hardening area
  • Library - 1610 sq ft
  • Library divided into two parts; One part all text books are kept (more that 1000 books) for accesses to all students and other part assigned to digital library (e-library). This digital library have broad band internet connection along with e-book & Journal ( 3000 text books and 7000 Journal on line ) and open 12 hours ( 8.00 am to 8.00 pm).
  • Seminar Hall - 1610 sq ft
  • It has capacity to seat more than hundred persons with air-condition and modern audio-visual facilities.
  • Directors Office - 1610 sq ft
  • Director office consists of Dy. Director Room along with Board Room, Examination Room and Strong Room.
  • Hostel: The institute has hostel for girl's students near the campus and hostel for the boys would be ready by early next year.
  • Canteen: The institute has its own multi cuisine food center along with canteen which is also a part of social life of the students.
  • Administrative office - 2000 sq ft.(OLD BUILDING)

Institute Description

Institute of Genetic Engineering (IGE) was established in 2003 by BIOTECH FOUNDATION to ensure quality teaching and research in Genetics and Biotechnology. With an aim to develop into a Centre of Excellence in Genetics, Biotehnology, and Microbiology in West Bengal, it offers 3-year Honours degree courses as well as two-year post graduate degrees in affiliation with the West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT).

The institute has an excellent group of FACULTY with a wealth of research experience as per university norms. Starting with just UG courses (B. Sc. Hons) in Biotechnology and Microbiology that were affiliated with University of Kalyani in 2003, IGE added B.Sc. Hons in Genetics and Molecular Biology affiliated with the same to its kitty in 2004. Since 2006, it is also offering PG in Genetic Engineering from WBUT.

Featured Faculty


Professor Amit Chakravarty

Molecular Geneticist and Biotechnologist of International fame with 30 years teaching and research experience at the leading academic centers in the USA, UK and India is heading the Institute as Director.

The career and achievements:

M. Sc. In Biochemistry (Bombay University)

Ph. D. in Medical Biochemistry (Bombay University)
(From Grant Medical College & J. J. Hospital, Mumbai.)


  •     Medical Genetics (John Hopkins Medical School, USA)
  •     Molecular Cytogenetics (Cambridge University)
  •     Molecular Genetics(Institute of Molecular Medicine,Oxford University, UK)
  •     Plant Tissue Culture (Pune University.)
  •     Advance course in Assisted Reproductive Technology (National University Hospital, Singapore)
  •     Prenatal Diagnosis (European Society Of Genetics Italy.)
  •     Obstetric Ultrasound (Queen Memorial Hospital Glasgow).
  •     Dept of  Medicine &Medical Genetics Unit, John Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, USA.
  •     Cytogenetics Unit, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, N. York, USA.
  •     Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford (UK).
  •      Dept. of Pathology , Cambridge University, UK
  •     MRC Genetics Unit, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK.
  •     MRC Reproductive Biology Unit, Edinburgh, UK.
  •     Biochemical Genetics Unit, Royal Hospital Sick Children, Edinburgh, UK.
  •     Dept. of Obst. & Gynec.Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, UK.
  •     IVF (Embryology) - Bourn Hall, Cambridge, UK.
  •     Dept of Obst 7 gynec.,Baylor  College  of  Medicine , Houston, USA
  •      Reproductive  Genetics  Institute, Chicago, USA
  •     Clinical  &  Molecular  Genetics  Laboratory,
  •     College  of  Medicine , University  of  Tennessee,USA
  •     New York Blood Center, New York, USA
  •     CBSC-CryoBank, UCLA, USA

30 yrs experiences in Genetic Counseling and Prenatal Diagnosis of  Genetic Disorders  ( USA / UK /India ) and trained in following areas in Medical Genetics ;
  • Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Cytogenetics
  • DNA analysis and PCR based Molecular Diagnosis
  • Animal and Human  Cell Culture
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology & Cry preservation
  • Fish  Breeding  & Genetic Modification
  •     Molecular Cytogenetics (FISH/ HR-CGH) in Clinical Genetic.
  •     Genomic Instability in Cancer
  •     Pre-implantation Genetics Diagnosis.
  •     Pre-conception Genetic Diagnosis.
  •     Stem Cell transplantation in Cancer and Thalassaemia.
  •     Gene  Therapy and Stem cells Reasearch
  •     Genomics of  Complex Genetic Disorders ( Diabetes / Cancer)
  •     Genomic Instability of Mental  Retardation
  •     Ex-Reader in Biochemistry at Grant Medical College & Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals Bombay
  •     Teaching  program in various Institutions in USA & UK.
  •     PG Teaching & Research
  •     PG Examiner & Ph.D. Thesis Examiner.(University of Mumbai)

Board Member, International Society for Prenatal diagnosis

Indian Society for Human Genetics.

Fellow, Indian College of Maternal and Child Health.

Indian Society of Perinatology.

Founder Member & Secretary, Indian Society For Prenatal Diagnosis & Therapy. India

PUBLICATIONS:  319 papers (up to 2009).

Published  Books and Contributed chapters in Medical Books
  • Human  Cytogenetic  Techniques and  Clinical  application, Bhalani  Publiishing  House, Mumbai ,2000
  • Genetics of  Thalassaemia ; Diagnosis, Management &Prevention ; Thalassaemia Foundation ; 2002
  • Recent Advancement in Obst. & Gynec. ; Dasgupta(ed)
  • Prenatal Diagnosisand Therapy ; Ed itor ; Proceeding of 8th International Conference on Prenatal Diagnosis of  Genetic Disorders ; Jaypee Brothers ; 1998
A Chapter in 'Pregnancy At Risk-Current Concepts'  (Published in 1993) By Usha Krishna / Shirish Daftary Chapter :
  • An Introduction To Genetics And Fetal Medicine (Published in 1996) Editor Kamini A. Rao. Chapters :
  • 1Genetic Counseling And Multifactorial Inheritance, 2. Laboratory Techniques In Prenatal Diagnosis Of Genetic Disorders.
"Role of Genetic Investigations and Counseling
Test Book of Pediatrics

(Published in 1991, Re-edition Jan. 1998) Editor - Dr. P. M. Udani.
Editor, Fetal Medicine & surgery; ISPAT News Letter.

Preventive Genetics ; Chapter ; Jaypee ; 2006


(1) Sudipa Basu & Amit Chakravarty: Population screening of Thalassaemia - A Preliminary report ; 15th  National Congress of Perinatology ; 3 - 4th April, (1999).

(2) Sudipa Basu and Amit Chakravarty: Thalassaemia trait in our population; BOGS regional annual conference ; Kalyani ; 21st August, (1999).

(3) Sudipa Basu and Amit chakravarty: Thalassaemia Screening  : BOGS Annual Conference, Kolkata ,27th February, (2000).

(4) Sudipa Basu and Amit Chakravarty: Population screening of Thalassaemia in Eastern part of India; 2nd International Conference on Thalassaemia;  New Delhi; (2000).

(5) Amit Chakravarty, Hema Purandarey, Sharad Gogate, Raju Sahetya, Gopal Jaiswal, Pranab Dasgupta, K Ghosh, S Mishra, S Dasgupta. Prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders - Indian multi-centric experience. ISPD, Barcelona (Spain) (2002)

(6) Amit Chakravarty and Sudipa Basu  :  Thalassaemia Screening in Eastern part of India ; ISPAT Annual Congress ; Pune ; 16th January, (2002).

(7) Sudipa Basu Chakravarty and Amit Chakravarty : Genetic Screening and Prevention of Thalassaemia in Indian population ; ISPD ; Japan ; (2002).

(8) Amit Chakravarty, Hema Purandarey, Sharad Gogate, Raju Sahetya, Gopal Jaiswal, R P Soonawala, Pranab Dasgupta, Sudipa Chakravarty. Prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders - a multi-centric Indian data. ISPD, Japan (2002)

(9) Jhimli Dasgupta, Udayaditya Sen, Debi Choudhury, Poppy Datta, Abhijit Chakrabarti, Sudipa Basu Chakravarty, Amit Chakravarty and J.K.Dattagupta: Crystallization and Preliminary X-ray structural studies of Haemoglobin A2 and Haemoglobin E, isolated from the blood samples of beta-thalassemic patients;Biochemical Biophysical Research Communications.(2003).
(10) Poppy Datta, Sudipa Basu Chakravarty, Amit Chakravarty and Abhijit Chakrabarti: Interaction of erythroid spectrin with hemoglobin variants: Implications in beta-Thalassemia; Blood Cells, Molecules & Diseases, (2003).

(11) Udayaditya Sen, Jhimli Dasgupta, Debi Choudhury, Poppy Datta,| Abhijit Chakrabarti,| Sudipa Basu Chakrabarty, ?Amit Chakrabarty,?and Jiban K. Dattagupta. Crystal Structures of HbA2 and HbE and Modeling of Hemoglobin  4: Interpretation of the Thermal Stability and the Antisickling Effect of HbA2 and Identification of the Ferrocyanide Binding Site in Hb Biochemistry; (2004).

(12) Poppy Dutta, Sumanta Basu, Sudipa Basu Chakravarty, Amit Chakravarty, Debashish Banerjee, Sharmila Chandra, Abhijit Chakrabarti. Enhanced oxidative cross-linking of hemoglobin E with spectrin and loss of erythrocyte membrane asymmetry in hemoglobin E?-thalassemia. Blood, Cells and Molecules (2006)

(13) Poppy Dutta, Sudipa Chakravarty, Amit Chakravarty and Abhijit Chakrabarti. Spectrin interactions of globin chains in presence of phosphate metabolites and hydrogen peroxide : Implications in Thalassemia. J of Bioscience. (2007)

(14) Dipankar Bhattacharya, Sutapa Saha, Sumanta Basu, Sudipa Chakravarty , Amit Chakravarty , Debashis Banerjee & Abhijit Chakrabarti. Differential regulation of redox proteins and chaperones in erythrocyte proteomes with varying severity of HbE?-thalassemia. Blood, Cells & Molecules (accepted for publication) (2009) 15)  Population Screening strategies for Thalssaemia in Eastern India ; Experience of 19,762 cases ; Sudipa Chakravarty, Tridip Chatterjee and Amit Chakravarty ; Institute of Genetic Engineering, Kolkata ; Birth Defects & Disabilities in The Developing World ; 4th International Conference; New Delhi, India, 4-7 Oct, 2009

16.  Application of HR-CGH in Chromosomal Aberrations ; Amit Chakravarty,Sudipa Chakravarty, Puspal De, Arun Singh ; Institute Of Genetic Medicine and Genomic Science,Kolkara-128 ; Birth Defects & Disabilities in The Developing World ; 4th International Conference; New Delhi, India, 4-7 Oct, 2009 17. Hb-E Beta thalassaemia- wide spectrum of clinical severity in Eastern Inia & Prospective Management ; Sudipa Chakravarty, Tridip Chatterjee, Dipankar bhattacherjee, Sutapa Saha, Sumanta basu, Abhijit Chakraborty, Amit Chakravarty ; Institute of Genetic Engineering, Structural Genomics Divisionn, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics; Kolkata ; Birth Defects & Disabilities in The Developing World ; 4th International Conference; New Delhi, India, 4-7 Oct, 2009 18. Study of Molecular Background favorable for Hydroxyurea Therapy in Hb-E-beta Thalassaemai patients ; Sudipa Chakravarty, Ritushree Kukreja , Amit Chakravarty, Harpeet Kaur ; Institute of Genetic Engineering , Kolkata ; Functional Genomic unit, Institute Genomics and Integrative Biology, New delhi ; Birth Defects & Disabilities in The Developing World ; 4th International Conference; New Delhi, India, 4-7 Oct, 2009 19. Fetal Chromsomal Anomalies Detected in 10,480  CVS cases ; A Multicentric Prenatal Diagnosis Indian Data ; Amit Chakravarty, Hemat Purandarey, Sudipa Chakravarty ; Institute of Genetc Medicine and Genomic Science, Kolkata; Centre of Genetic Health Care, Mumbai ; Birth Defects & Disabilities in The Developing World ; 4th International Conference; New Delhi, India, 4-7 Oct, 2009


  • Established First Private Genetic Diagnostic Centre at Bombay India In 1981.
  • Established 2 other Private Genetic Diagnostic Centre in India  (Pune & Calcutta)
  • Conducted Workshops Thro INDIAN SOCIETY OF PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS INDIA in Different States in India
  • Awarded  Fellowship, Indian  College  of  Maternal  and  Child  Health.
  • Founder Trustee of Biotech Foundation & established "Institute of Genetic Engineering".
  • Organising Secretary ; International Conference of International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis (ISPD) ;
Trained More Than 50 Medical Doctors & Scientists in  Human Cytogenetics &  Molecular Genetics.


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