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National Defence College

National Defence College6, Tees January MargNew Delhi (INDIA) - 110011Telephone No. : 23011994, 23013430FAX No: 23013429, Delhi, Delhi, India- 110011


The national defance college is a prominent college provide defence education with quality and affor...

Courses Offered

National Security and Strategic Studies Course ,

About College

The national defance college is a prominent college provide defence education with quality and affordability. The college provide offers certificate course in the field of management. The NDC will give joint preparing and guideline to senior administration and common officers and will be under the regulatory control of the Ministry of Defense. Learn at the College will identify with key, financial, investigative, political and modern parts of national barrier.

Institute Description

The NDC will provide joint training and instruction to senior service and civil officers and will be under the administrative control of the Ministry of Defence. The study at the College will relate to strategic, economic, scientific, political and industrial aspects of national defence."

Based on the aim, the scope of study was planned to include an examination of internal and external threats to the security of India as well as possible trends for the next ten years.  Studies would include analysis of diverse factors such as foreign policies of other nations, conflicts over vital economic interests or territorial claims and factional, communal or political differences.  Members of the course would also analyse formulation of national strategy for various contingencies up to and including the outbreak of war. Based on these guidelines, the first Course at NDC commenced on  April 27, 1960.The aim of the National Defence College is to impart training in national and international security related fields to selected senior Defence and Civil Services officers and to promote research and understanding of various linked issues by creating the necessary academic environment for such work.


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