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C-DAC - National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC)

Pune University Campus, Ganesh Khind, Pune, Maharashtra, India- 411007


*Multi-campus center with two campuses *More than 60% employees are engineers *Expertise in Health I...

Courses Offered

Diploma in Multimedia Creations (DMC) , Low Cost Multimedia Creations (LCMC) , Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts (DACA) , Applied Computer Arts (ACA) ,

About College

*Multi-campus center with two campuses *More than 60% employees are engineers *Expertise in Health Informatics, Embedded Systems, Language Computing and e-Governance *Hosts four Schools focusing on IT, Electronics, Management, and Finishing School

Infrastructure / Teaching Facilities

Technical Infrastructure:

  • Multimedia systems (Intel PIII 866 Mhz) for multimedia application development
  • PCs are equipped with high quality speakers, sound cards, headphones and high quality microphones for recording
  • Internet via dedicated leased line.
  • Equipped with imaging devices like HP Network Scanner, Kodak Megapixel Digital Camera, advanced tripods and special revolving platform
  • High-end video equipments such as Broadway MPEG Video Encoder Card, Panasonic Digital Video Camera, VCR, TV, Adobe Premier software
  • Analog Sound Recorder and TASCAM make Digital Audio Tape Recorder
  • An audio editing tool called SliceIT was developed in-house for special type of requirements.
  • The network setup is created with 100 MBPS CAT-5 Ethernet AT&T cabling
  • PCs of entire development lab are connected to Siemens Network Server via 3COM make HUBs and Switches.
National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC) centre has developed a GUI Evaluation and Backup/Configuration Management Software for enhancing the quality of multimedia development. The centre has around 3000 sq.ft. area, which is divided into training and development labs. There is a studio of 300 sq.ft. area, which is used for audio recording and photography.

Institute Description

C-DAC - National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC) project started with the sponsorship for the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India in 1998. The centre got established in 1999 in the campus of Agriculture College, Pune.

National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC) is entrusted with the task to identify and propagate cost effective applications of multimedia among the masses. Several initiatives for the development of multimedia authoring templates, component libraries, web-based repository and training have been taken. The multimedia team of C-DAC has been actively contributing to this field since 1992 and has experience of almost 10 years.

NMRC has pioneered the pedagogy of fusing art and technology while designing the academic curriculum for its multimedia courses. The experienced gathered from numerous projects and industry interaction has enabled the team to anchor the course contents with the latest and evolving technologies. A very large repository of academic multimedia projects is maintained and accessible to students and professionals through the Multimedia Portal of NMRC.

Successful Development and Delivery

NMRC has successfully developed and delivered the following:

  • Repository of multimedia components Web based Multimedia Portal hosting over 200 multimedia projects implemented by students trained at NMRC
  • Readymade Content Libraries Shaili VL-I CD ROM, A library of traditional designs Shaili VL-II CD ROM, A library of traditional designs
  • Application-oriented multimedia-authoring template QuickMM Album Authoring software
  • Multimedia rendering of Dnyaneshwari CD Title ( 2 CD Volumes)
  • Web Version of Dnyaneshwari
  • GUI Evaluation Software
  • Multimedia Kiosk along with software for the National Museum, New Delhi

Technical Skills

National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC) centre has developed a strong team of experts from varied specializations such as computer art, computer animators, 3D modeling experts, software development, web development, content creation, etc.

Products and Services

National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC) centre has wide range of products, services and solutions are designed to cater to a large market ranging from health care systems, datawarehousing, multimedia and multilingual technologies, networking solutions to technical consultancy, training and eGovernance solutions.

Research and Development

National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC) centre has core emphasis is on Research and Development. Over a decade, institue have evolved into India s most advanced R & D organization, with state-of-the-art design and development environments. The team of highly qualified professionals works on R & D tracks covering VLSI Design, Multiprocessor System Design, High-performance Networks, Digital Libraries, Parallelizing tools, High Availability and Fault-Tolerant Systems, Web Technologies, Localization of standard softwares and so on.

Vision Statement

National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC) vision is to emerge as the premier R&D Institution for the design, development and deployment of world class IT solutions for economic and human advancement.

Mission Statement

C-DAC s Mission statement has evolved after deep thought and in consultation with the members of C-DAC. The Mission Statement as defined below, reflects the fabric and character of C-DAC and integrates in the fulfillment of C-DAC s Vision.

  • To carve out a niche in the global arena of advanced Information Technology and enhance our brand image.
  • To continue to create and deploy the finest talent in our quest for further expanding the frontiers of High Performance Computing and Communication Technologies and its applications.
  • To achieve rapid and effective spread of knowledge by overcoming language barriers using Natural Language oriented computing and Multimedia Technologies.
  • To share our vast reservoir of experience for education and knowledge enrichment in the field of Information Technology.
  • To utilize the intellectual property thus generated, bring benefits of Information Technology to Society, by converting it into an exciting business opportunity and establishing a self-sustaining and wealth creating operation

Core Values

The essence of C-DAC s philosophy and the bed rock of our Corporate Culture:

  • Innovation and pursuit of excellence in Applications , Research and Technology (ART).
  • Integrity, transparency and openess in all our actions.
  • Working with and through the Teams is our way of life.
  • Distributed Leadership across the organization at various levels.
  • Strive to continously improve our processes and quality.
  • Address the needs of the society through user centric initiatives.


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