Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET) is a well-reputed entrance exam executed for providing postgraduate admissions in management streams. Several institutes preferring JMET exam as their mean of admissions includes Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the IIT Schools of Management. It was further replaced by Common Admission Test (CAT). These mock papers are provided to the aspiring candidates who wish to score great and maximize their results by successive practices. These mock papers provide focus on every subject; every change and every intellectual question ever appeared on panel. Total questions are 120, and 1 mark is provided for every correct answer and 0.25 mark deducted from every wrong answer. Candidates are capable of managing their time accordingly and discover their strongest and weakest pointers through these mock papers.
S.No. Test Name Questions Time (Minutes) No. of Times Attempted Average Score(%)  
1 JMET Paper 2008 Solved 147 257 4594 51 Take Test
2 JMET Paper 2006 Solved 131 180 3556 67 Take Test
3 JMET 2010 Paper Solved 117 150 5214 58 Take Test
4 JMET Sample Papers 2005 121 150 4065 78 Take Test
5 JMET Sample Papers 2007 130 180 3306 51 Take Test